General Manager

Ray Sabat, I was born with sports in my blood. Been playing rugby league since the age of 4 in Australia and in 2017 I pursued one of my dreams to be part of the 24-man squad in the World Cup with the Lebanese team. Fitness has changed my life for the better and I’m pursuing this career to help others do the same. That’s why I love my job as a trainer.


Brand Manager

Chimene Sabat, completed my B.A in graphic design but nowadays my life revolves around sports as this passion grew on me since my move to Lebanon. I enjoy working out of course, outdoor adventures, travelling, spending time with those closest to me as well as designing pretty things… Oh and food is life, I’m always up for them cheat meals.


Floor Supervisor and Trainer

Elio Ghanem, majored in physical education and sports at NDU. I am also IFPA certified and currently getting my Masters in Physical conditioning. Moreover, I’m a swimmer and I use my professional swimming skills for coaching at Swim Ahead Academy. As for the life outside of sports, I’m a person that’s all about self-development and enjoying life to the fullest. I’m and extremist but I make sure my life is always balances. Furthermore, I’m a music, nature and animal lover.



Elie Bou Antoun, completed a BA in Physical therapist at Lebanese University and Masters degree in acupuncture at Saint Joseph University. I am also accredited in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, which I completed at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in China. Apart from my clinic at Raw Fitness, I also work at MGR Cortbawi Hospital. Due to my ongoing physical work, I like spending my spare time out in nature with family and friends.


Sales and Customer Service

Adeline Farhat, completed my B.A. in Clinical Psychology at Notre Dame University in 2017. Majoring in psychology came to complement my dedication to fitness as I believe that mental and physical health are equally important! In addition, hiking, camping and reading are my favourite stress-reliever activities!



Sandra Matta, Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from USEK in 2014. I have been highly involved in the food safety aspect of my profession for the past 4 years and I am currently certified as an internal auditor for food safety ISO 22000. In parallel, I work as a clinical nutritionist and have experience with a wide range of clientele. My interest in sports and fitness stems from the fact that it goes hand in hand with improving eating habits to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have attended multiple workshops in sports nutrition and fitness. My hobbies include running, dancing, and listening to music.


Everyone’s Favourite

Jack, flew all the way from down under to be part of Raw’s Family. Unlike other kangaroos, I feed on protein, I train and find ways to continuously motivate those around me. I only Hop forward and hope to push everyone with me too! Just in case you don’t always find me at Raw, I usually make an appearance when there’s a party held… that’s another thing that makes me different from other Kangaroos, I like people rather than hopping away from them!



Steph Bechwati, I graduated from USJ Beirut as a Dietitian and sports nutritionist and completed my masters degree as well as m license. I have great communication skills and love spending my time talking to people and getting to know them more. I have been a Red Cross volunteer for 11 years and loved it because it’s in my character to help out. I have years of ongoing experience in my field and I love to keep up to date with new scientific studies in order to provide a great service to my clients.


Personal Trainer

Roudy Maalouf, studying physical education and sports at NDU. I’ve been a Futsal player for 8 years, at the same time, I’ve competed in sprinting until I changed my training routine to endurance running. I came 1st place in both sprinting and running for several times, until I injured my leg severely and couldn’t compete like before. Since then I fell in love with the knowledge behind weight training and the way it affects athlete from other sports fields. My hobbies are sprinting, running, futsal, weight training and finally playing the guitar.


Personal Trainer

Hady El Hawa, I have a passion for sports so I decided to make training my career. I live a very active lifestyle as I’m always on the move when it comes to enhancing my lifestyle and the lifestyle of others. I have a passion for MMA, ski, basketball, Olympic lifting and powerlifting hence my given name ‘The Versatile Trainer’. Apart from sports, I’m a very adventurous person and like to spend my spare time outdoors and extending my knowledge through research.


Personal Trainer

Anthony Salameh, completed my BA in physical education & sports. Aiming to progress, motivate and help achieve people’s goals to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I’m not only a trainer at the but I also am a ski instructor. I enjoy skiing, swimming, extreme and outdoor sports as well as gardening.


Persontal Trainer

Elie Akiki , professional futsal player, passionate about sports and fitness. I’m a certified
personal trainer currently getting my master degree in Sports Performance and Health. My job is transforming people into athletes, and helping them achieve their fitness goals… and i love it.



Jina El Weddy, Business Management in AUL. My favourite sports are snowboarding, hiking and all things related to nature. I’m mostly passionate about helping others, that’s why I joined the Red Cross and the Youth of Mary. To me, FAMILY is the anchor that holds me through life’s storms.



Hey there! It’s Ghewa Kallas, I’m a graphic designer student at NDU. I’m an outdoor girl that likes going on road trips and camps. I’ve been in scouts for 10 years and some of my hobbies include acting and snowboarding.


Sales and Receptionist

Rebecca El Adem, majoring in Physical and Sports Education at Notre Dame University. My passion for Sports and physical fitness drove me towards this field as I believe that taking care of our bodies is mandatory with a fun twist!



Marc Bablanian, I completed my B.A. in Hospitality Management back in 2009 in Sagesse University. After that, I pursued my dream of becoming a successful international chef. What I love about working at Raw’s Health bar is the challenge of cooking for folks who’ve made commitments to eat for their health.