The Hesitant

This one-month membership is your first step to becoming untamed. Great start!

The Eager

You’re 4 months committed and eager! We like the spirit

The Determined

6 months of dedication will take you a long way! Get at it!

The Untamed

You’re 100% untamed with this yearly package!


Body composition

Fitness test

Personalized workout program

On going assistance from floor trainers

Access to all classes


Free wifi

Showers and locker room

Underground parking

Towel services

Lounge and TV area

Solarium access


  • The club is not responsible for any lost items.
  • No type of drug or weapon is allowed at the club.
  • Do not disturb any other member within the club.
  • Every member must follow proper personal hygiene and use towels while training at all times.
  • Members must always return the training equipment after use.
  • Always ask for a trainers help when lifting maximum strength.
  • Comply with instructions from any staff member.
  • Personal trainers from outside of the club are not allowed to give personal training sessions.