It is a full body strength workout using a mixture of light weights loaded on a barbell and body weight exercises to achieve the ultimate goal of pumping out a high volume of reps for all the muscle groups.

The primary purpose of this class is to gain strength and tone your muscles. This is done by targeting all the main muscles of the body especially through compound exercises. This class incorporates a mixture of body weight exercises and weight training.


This is a 30 minute class which uses a mixture of exercises to target your lower body in order to keep you in perfect shape.

Untamed core is a 30-minute ab blaster that does not only focus on getting you a flat and toned stomach but also works on improving posture and core stability.


This class involves combat moves and high energy. But to be a fighter, you need to be untamed and to achieve this, we will put you through gruelling tracks to make sure you are conditioned to be… An untamed fighter.

This is a cardio class aiming at high intensity training using your body weight. It is a 30-minute session that will keep you wanting more but leaving you with nothing left to sweat.

This class is a mixture of spinning and strength exercises. It’s a functional and upbeat class that helps with fat loss and toning goals.


This is a stretching class where the muscles elasticity is improved which allows the achievement of comfortable muscle tone. It is a fitness component which is often forgotten but this class will provide the feasibility and effectivity to target this component.

Yoga begins with breathing exercises and gentle stretches, followed by a series of individual poses and final relaxation.


It’s a 30-minute class filled with versatile trainings and competitive fun! That is not it… the winner of the challenge of each class is rewarded with a prize from Raw Fitness and is crowned King or Queen of the class for the week! Are you ready for the challenge?

This a functional training class held on the Life Fitness synrgy 360 machine. It is a mixture of cardio and strength for an extreme 60 minutes. But don’t worry with the fun vibes you’ll be asking for more!